Mythia has Wonders, which are the highest item of specific Merge Chains. They can be tapped for lots of goodies.

None of them can be merged further, and give additional rewards every X hours actively played in your Garden.

# Name Tap Rewards Frequency Spawns/Harvest Chain Level
1 Glorious Icon of the Peacat Peacat Eggs, Small Treasures 5 hours Spawns Skulls, Blighted Ivy and Dark Monoliths nearby Stone Monuments / Enchanted Stone Monuments 11 / 9
2 Exalted Waterfall Divine Spring 10 hours Divine Spring Blessed Trees 18
3 Radiant Flower of the Peacat Enchanted Stumps,Bountiful Treasure Chests,Peacat Eggs 8 hours 20 minutes Fine Enchanted Stump Glowing Plants 9
4 Primordial Tree of the Treant Mossy Mystery Eggs/Nests, Treant Eggs/Nests, Tiny Ponds 10 hours Tiny Ponds Ancient Trees 10
5 Marvelous Stump of the Centaur Wood Logs,Centaur Eggs,Small Treasures 10 hours Witches/Lots of Wood Enchanted Stumps 11
6 Enchanted Fountain of the Fairy Teeming Treasure Chests,Bonus Points 1 hour 6 minutes Spawns Tiny Pond, Creature Chests Magic Water - Reflecting Pools 9
7 Everlasting Tree of the Dryad Dryad Eggs/Nests,Mossy Mystery Eggs 10 hours Stone Pieces,Bountiful Chests,Great Blessing Orbs Evergreen Trees 10
8 Amazing Thicket of the Unicorn Blessed Sapling, Young Blessed Tree, Unicorn Eggs/Nests 10 hours Blessed Sapling, Young Blessed Tree Fruit Bushes 11
9 Brilliant Rock of the Phoenix Phoenix Egg/Nests, Magic Bean, Small Treasures, Treasures 10 hours Wise Floating Rock, Silver Coin, Small Treasures Glowing Rocks 10
10 Glowing Boulder of the Minotaur Curious Eggs/Nests 10 hours n/a Mineral Boulders 6
11 Heavenly Rock of the Griffin Griffin Eggs/Nests 10 hours n/a Floating Rocks 11
12 Archmage Mana Pool 20x Level 1 Creatures 10 hours Spawns Fine Stone Sculpture Mana Pools 7
13 Mana Pool of Arch Spirits 40x Level 1 Creatures 10 hours Spawns Great Stone Statue Mana Pools 8
14 Ancient Temple of the High Elves Elf Egg Ruby Blessed Tree, Spiritual Blessing Orb, True Silver Coin, Luxuriant Treasure Chest 6 minutes Harvest for Wise Ancient Tree every 6 minutes. Elven Shrines 13
15 Sky Crystal of the Pegasus Magic Beans, Pegasus Eggs, Mysterious Bean Sprouts. 10 hours Harvest for Cosmic Bean of Cheribum, Creature Nest Vault/Creature Egg Chest (Pegasus variant) Mysterious Bean Sprout. Magical Beanstalks 12
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