Summary[edit | edit source]

Nixie's Escape is the first level in the game.

To begin, you will need to tap the Magic Scroll. A banner at the bottom of the screen entitled "Help Me!" shows what is written in the scroll:

  • Help me please! (Sprite of Petrified Fairy)
  • I am trapped in these statues!
  • Drag them next to each other to Merge them and free me!

When you have done this, a Baby Fairy is released from the statues in which it had been trapped by Witches.

This is what the Baby Fairy says in a banner at the bottom of the screen entitled "Save the Creatures!":

  • Thank you for saving me!
  • My name is Nixie.
  • Evil Witches trapped me in stone. (Sprite of Forest Witch.)
  • They also scared everyone away and cursed the land :(
  • You are our last hope... Will you save our world? We need to find EGGS to start! (Sprite of Butterphant Egg)
  • Let's look in the next level.

Nixie then becomes your guide in the World Map, indicating which level you are up to.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The petrified fairies can be seen only the first time the level is played. Afterwards they are replaced with Enchanted Stumps.
  • The game starts in this level with 15 compasses, 200 gems, 30 Wood Logs, and 95 coins to start you off. Be careful not to spend it all too quickly.
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