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A standard egg nest contains Creature Eggs and is a non-merging object. There are two tiers of nests for every Creature, with Tier 1 nests producing eggs that will merge to create Level 1 Creatures and Tier 2 nests producing eggs that will merge to create Level 7 Creatures.

Tier 1 and Tier 2 standard egg nests have a few graphical variations, but Tier 2 nests are bigger in size.

Standard Egg Nests Edit

There are 2 tiers of Standard Egg Nests. Tier 1 Standard Egg Nests produce 3 to 7 eggs, while Tier 2 Standard Egg Nests produce 4 to 7 eggs. The egg type contained in the nest indicates the type of egg that will be produced.

Mystery Egg Nests Edit

 There are 3 types of Mystery Egg nests. These egg nests will spawn more eggs than a normal nest, which is 5 to 7 eggs. They can produce their respective mystery egg. Tapping can also produce any type of egg that merging the mystery egg could produce.

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This is a summary. Refer to a particular creature's page for specific sources.

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