Merge Magic Wiki


Merge Chains show the whole chain of objects in order of their level.


Here is a list of creature merge chains in Merge Magic!

Basic Creatures[]

Merge Chain Merge Dragons! Equivalent Creature Type Purchase With
Butterphants Green Dragons Worker Coins
Centaurs Rock Dragons Builder
Dyrs Grass Dragons Harvester
Fairies Crimson Dragons n/a
Griffins Toadstool Dragons Harvester
Minotaurs Spotted Dragons Harvester
Peacats Sharp Dragons Defender
Phoenixes Golem Dragons Builder
Tortrees Gargoyle Dragons Defender
Treants Rocs Zoomer

Advanced Creatures[]

Merge Chain Merge Dragons! Equivalent Creature Type Purchase With
Dryads Butterfly Dragons Harvester n/a
Elves Mystical Dragons Trophy n/a
Hydras Pegasus Dragons Worker n/a
Kitsunes Friend Dragons Trophy n/a
Pandu Nature Dragons Harvester Coins
Pegasi Midas Ducks Trophy n/a
Rabbirds Cosmos Dragons Zoomer n/a
Sprites Life Dragons Trophy n/a
Unicorns Tribal Dragons Builder n/a
Dragons Wise Dragons Trophy n/a
Keroses Sun Dragons Trophy Magic Gems (Luna's shop)

Premium Creatures[]

Merge Chain Merge Dragons! Equivalent Creature Type Purchase With
Armomares** Trophy Magic Gems
Batcats** Ghastly Dragons Trophy
Candymurs Trophy
Crystapikes Trophy
Faiwoo Trophy
Fire Golems** Trophy
Fire Spirits Trophy
Herapard Trophy
Kwalees Trophy
Mermaids Trophy
Metal Rats Trophy
Monkey Kings Trophy
Mothleys Trophy
Mountain Golems** Trophy
Mysterells** Moon Dragons Trophy
Pacatour** Trophy
Royal Corgis Trophy
Royapys Trophy
Rudogs** Trophy
Sorcerer Ravens Trophy
Spirit Wolves Trophy
Sylpunny Trophy
Teddihearts Trophy
Thunderbirds Trophy
Wavemares Trophy
Wizeals Trophy
Wizools** Trophy
Zebaheart Trophy
Snowtales Trophy Gold Pass Purchase
Orchidiva Trophy Gold Pass Purchase
Koimaid Trophy Gold Pass Purchase
Flameow Trophy Gold Pass Purchase
Pixolotl Trophy Gold Pass Purchase
Narwing Trophy Gold Pass Purchase
Umbrasoar Trophy Gold Pass Purchase
Staroth Trophy Gold Pass Purchase
Leocapras Owl Griffons Trophy Event Chests

** These are Event Creatures

Mystery Eggs[]

Here is a list of mystery egg merge chains in Merge Magic!

Merge Chain Merge Dragons! Equivalent
Amber Hive Mystery Eggs Ruby Fire Mystery Eggs
Mossy Mystery Eggs Sapphire Mystery Eggs
Curious Mystery Eggs Tanzanite Mystery Eggs


Here is a list of object merge chains in Merge Magic!

Merge Chain Merge Dragons! Equivalent
Ancient Trees Hills
Battle Chests Wizard's Chests
Blessing Orbs Life Orbs
Blessed Trees Life Flowers
Blessing Shrines Healing Goddesses
Coin Storage Magic Coin Storage
Currency Magic Currency
Dark Monoliths Spooky Trees
Dark Stones Fungus Logs
Druid Gardens Shimmer Fountains
Elven Temples Zen Temple
Enchanted Ancient Trees Misty Mountains
Enchanted Stone Monuments Glowing Dragon Trees
Enchanted Stumps Living Stones
Evergreen Trees Prism Flowers
Fancy Potted Flowers Mythical Idols
Floating Rocks Mushrooms
Fruit Bushes Fruit Trees
Glowing Plants Grass
Glowing Rocks Magic Mushrooms
Goal Stars Goal Stars
Graves Graves
Humble Chests Moon Chests
Magic Beans Golden Apples
Magic Gems Dragon Gems
Magic Stars Dragon Stars
Magic Water - Reflecting Pools Water
Magical Beanstalks Midas Trees
Mana Pools Mystic Topiaries
Mineral Boulders Bushes
Mythical Idols Gaia Statues
Potions Grimm Chests
Potted Flowers Monster Idols
Power Chests Aura Chests
Realm Gates Alien Obelisks
Riches Ancient Riches
Royal Chests Gold Chests
Secret Druid Gardens Secret Fountains
Spirit Chests Possessed Chests
Sprite Chest Radiant Egg Chest
Stone Bricks Wood
Stone Monuments Dragon Trees
Treasure Chests Treasure Chests
Tree Houses Dragon Homes
Witch Artifacts Grimm Trees
Wood Logs Stone Bricks
Woodsheds Stone Storage

Non-Merge Chain Objects[]

Some objects do not form part of a merge chain explicitly. They are listed here:

Object Merge Dragons! Equivalent
Ancient Devourer Remains Ancient Dragon Skull
Antlered Remains Skull & Bones
Arcane Marble Amber
Area Blesser Heal Extender
Blessed Seed Life Flower Seed
Blue Beak Skull Strange Remains
Bountiful Riches Draken Grail
Cobwebs Necromancer Grass
Evil Statues Demon Gates
Forest Underwood Emerald Plains Grass
Gargoyle Decayed Log
Horned Skull Old Skull
Large Remains Unearthed Skeleton
Legendary Treasures Mountain of Wild Riches
Magic Scroll Tome of Wisdom
Master Dark Monolith Sporehaven Tree
Rocky Underwood Ruby Plains Grass
Ruins Lifeless Rocks
Shrines Totems
Skulls Skulls
Small Remains Bones
Small Ruins Dirt
Small Treasures Pile of Riches
Swamp Underwood Tanzanite Grass
Treasures Mound of Rich Stuff

Creature Chests[]

Chest Merge Dragons! Equivalent
Blue Wooden
Purple Stone
Red Purple Padded
Green Red Padded