Summary[edit | edit source]

Magic Star is a type of goal star that is a rare reward from completing a quest in either a level or your Garden. They can be merged into Arcane Stars.

A Magic Star can be tapped 2 to 3 times for Magic Gems and turns into a Small Fallen Star when used up.

Assuming optimal usage, one can expect returns of about 20 gems per magic star (Estimate from a sample of 30 stars).

How to Gain[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Tap once before merging for maximum output.
  • If received in a level and left untouched, a Magic Star can be selected as a reward upon completing the level, and it will be transferred for free to your Garden, where it can be merged.
  • A Magic Star tapped once in a level, when taken to your Garden may only be tapped one or two times before degrading. It retains the "damage" from the level.
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