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Luna the Arcane Merchant in Game

Luna, the Arcane Merchant, or Luna for short, is an NPC, an adventurer and a treasure hunter that came from a far land. She travels between realms to hunt rare items. Luckily, Mythia is full of them.

Every day, Luna will have a new quest for a limited time for the player to fulfill. The requirements vary and will grant the player a "Luna's Rucksack" with the promised loot. There is a changing chance (5% and up) of also getting a "Luna's Bonus Rucksack". When the said quest has been completed, Luna disappears until the next day. You can also buy things from her in the buy menu.

Luna's Introduction

Interaction[edit | edit source]

When the player taps on Luna for a trade, a box will appear, showing the details of the trade. She will ask for one specific type of object in exchange for another type, the latter of which is often eggs. On the right side of the interface is the item she is currently offering in exchange for the object shown on the left.

Luna's Daily Trade (Sample)

Once the player leaves this box, a new smaller box will appear over Luna, which shows the number of objects left that she is seeking. The current number of items available in the player's garden (up to the amount she is requesting) will be shown in a red circle at the top right corner of the "Give Now!" button. Note that this count includes the objects that Creatures may be currently holding (after harvesting, which they are currently travelling to an empty tile to drop off), and excludes objects that are currently contained in Loot Orbs.

Luna's Shop Tab[edit | edit source]

Refer to the Buy Menu.

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