Cool stuff awaits inside. Tap to open!
~ Loot Orb

Summary Edit

A Loot Orb is a hovering non-merging object which takes up no space on the ground. When smashed, the loot inside will fall to the closest free tile(s).

Loot Orbs may contain more than one object, and may also contain Blessing Power. Loot Orbs will show the object currently contained inside, or a random object every 5 seconds if there are multiple objects.

They can be sold for the same amount as the total sum of the worth all the objects that are contained inside.

Bubbling Edit

A large object (Bigger than 1x1) can be "bubbled" in a Loot Orb. This is done by filling up almost all available land with objects, and then shifting another object into the target object, such that there is no arrangement of free land for the target object to exist on. If done correctly, the target object will be bubbled.

A small object (1x1) can be "bubbled" in a loot orb if you have two others. Hold the three objects in a merge-by-three pattern and return to the world map without releasing the three objects. When you return to your Garden, the object will be suspended in a loot orb.

Note that sometimes, Loot Orbs may appear behind objects when created, or get hidden behind when re-entering your Garden, so it is advised to shift all Loot Orbs to the sides of the Garden immediately if you do not want to open them yet.

How to Gain Edit

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