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You can get Kitsune Eggs by inviting friends or getting gifts.

Fill the bar with the 4 boxes by "inviting" (you just have to press the button) to get one Kitsune Egg, you can tick one box every 6 hours.

You can also get Kitsune Egg Fragments and Kitsune Eggs from gifts sent by friends.

You have 5 gifts to send to your friends. If the gift counter is zero, you must wait 23 hours to get 5 new ones.

When Magnificent Kitsune are merged, an additional Nest of Arcane Kitsune Eggs may be created in a Dimensional Jar for a cost of 475 Magic Gems.

Level Rarity Name Magic Power Stamina Worth
Egg Rare Kitsune Egg Fragment n/a n/a 1
Egg Legendary Kitsune Egg n/a n/a 1
1 Epic Kitsune Baby 3 4 20
2 Epic Kitsune Child 12 6 50
3 Epic Kitsune 45 8 100
4 Legendary Magnificent Kitsune 150 10 250
Nest Legendary Nest of Arcane Kitsune Eggs n/a n/a 25
Egg Mythical Arcane Kitsune Egg n/a n/a 1
7 Legendary Arcane Kitsune Baby 495 12 500
8 Legendary Arcane Kitsune Child 1575 14 1000
9 Legendary Arcane Kitsune 4800 17 2500
10 Mythical Magnificent Arcane Kitsune 15000 20 5000