Like most games, Merge Magic! has a settings menu. It can be access from the World Map, by pressing the wrench icon at the bottom left.


Game Settings Icon

Main Settings


Turning this option off disables the sound effects of the game.


Turning this option off disables the background music in your Garden, map and levels.


Turning this option off disables tutorials from showing up. Not recommended for beginners.

Reset Tutorial option is also available for repeating the tutorial on early levels.

Sub Settings

Disable Purchases

Turning this option on disables real money purchases, purchases with Gems and the appearance of Magic Stars in your Garden (from quests) and Levels.


Turning this option off disables app notifications.

Tap Confirm

Add tap protection for valuable objects. For detailed info, please visit Tapping.

Battery Life

Two options are available:

High Performance

Would give better frame rate but would consume more battery life

Battery Saver

Would consume less battery life but would give poorer frame rate.


This option enables changing the game's language. If you accidentally move it off English and need to set, move this button to the very bottom of your settings window before pressing it so that English will appear in the list.

Contact Us

This button opens the FAQ menu with lots of answers and tips. For more help you can visit the wiki's Tutorials.

Garden Merge Preferences

Require Overlap?

If this option is turned on, in order to perform a merge in your Garden, an object must be dragged onto 2 or more objects of the same kind.

Allow Chain Reactions?

If this option is turned off, combo merging (and therefore chain reaction) will not be possible in your Garden.

For detailed info, please visit Merging.

Prefer Creature 5-Merges?

Most players will choose to set this to on. It means that eggs and creatures in your Garden will not merge by 3. This means that you can place 4 eggs on adjacent tiles without them merging by accident, and indeed prevents you from deliberately merging 3 eggs/creatures as well. (The Creature Book will still allow you to merge by 3 should you wish to, although this does not extend to mystery eggs.)

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