Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions:

# Question Response
1 How do I sell Creature Chests? Unwanted chests in your Garden are able to be sold for Currency, both to free up space and as a source of income. There is a banner at the bottom of the screen which is frequently folded up on the left, and shows as an arrow head.
Tap this, and the banner will unfold with a "Sell" button indicating how much you will get for the item you have highlighted.
2 Why am I not able to merge 3 eggs in my Garden? In the Game Settings, there are Garden merge preferences. If you have "prefer merge by 5" set to ON, you will not be able to merge 3 eggs manually. You can use the Creature Book to merge by 3, however this does not apply for mystery eggs.
3 How do I get Magic Stars? Refer to the page Farming Magic Stars and Rabbirds.
4 How do I restart an Event? You can't.
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