Events are time limited implementations which usually have a theme and special rewards.

Events unlock when you beat Hillside 3 and have at least 35 Magic Power.

Events most of the time will start the Friday at the week of the event update release.

The events are listed by the date they were introduced.

List of Events Edit

Name Theme Unique Reward(s) Time
Myths of Autumn Event Autumn Fruits Mysterells September 2019
Flames of Arcania Event Fire Fire Golems October 2019
Mystic Mountains Event Mountains Mountain Golems October 2019
Spooky Gardens Event Halloween Batcats November 2019
Wizards of Arcania Event Wizards Wizools November 2019
Autumn Spirit Event Autumn Pacatour November 2019
Medieval Magic Event Medieval Armomares December 2019
Christmas Excitement Event Christmas Rudogs December 2019
Mermaid Islands Event Mermaids Mermaids January 2020
Lunar New Year Event Lunar New Year Metal Rats January 2020
Arcane Forest Event Autumn Fruits Mysterells February 2020
Love is in the Air Event Valentines Kwalees February 2020

Season Pass Edit

Season Pass was introduced in Update 1.5.0 to a random few players. Not everyone has this feature.

Name Theme Unique Rewards Time
Arcane Winter Winter Snowtales February 2020

Event Stars Edit

Events have quests that gain Event Stars:

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