Summary[edit | edit source]

Challenge Levels can be identified by a goblet. Each Challenge Level must be completed in a limited time, a Creature is given as a reward for completion and the next challenge in a Challenge Level will be unlocked. After completing all three challenges in a Challenge Level, the level's regular name will be revealed and it can be played as a normal non-challenge Level. The goblet will turn gold to signify the completion of the challenge. 

Challenge Level Shop[edit | edit source]

Challenge Levels offer a specific Challenge Level Shop (with an icon at the lower right) which sells items that could be potentially useful in the final challenge, for a moderate gem price. When browsing in the Challenge Level Shop, the timer is paused. It is generally better to check the items on sale before choosing to buy extra time with gems, since the cost tends to be much lower than 50 gems.

Challenge Level Listing[edit | edit source]

# Level Name Time 1 Time 2 Time 3 Magical Creature Compass Cost Challenge Level Shop (Gems)
1 Hillside 4 1m 52s 38s 29s Centaurs 1 Little Blessing Orb (5), Young Blessing Orb (11)
2 Centaurland's Borders 2m 5s 1m 2s 46s Fairies 2 Little Blessing Orb (5), Young Blessing Orb (11)
3 Green Mountains 5 4m 22s 3m 8s 2m 11s Dryads 2 Blessed Flower (4), Little Blessing Orb (5), Young Blessing Orb (11)
4 Split Forest 4m 22s 2m 30s 1m 2s Dyrs 2 Little Blessing Orb (5), Young Blessing Orb (11)
5 Path Forest 2m 42s 1m 52s 1m 9s Minotaurs 2 Blessed Sprout (3), Blessed Flower (4), Fruit Bush Seed (4), Fruit Bush Sprout (7), Swamp Underwood (15), Little Shimmering Plant (30)
6 Enchanted Land 4 5m 12s 2m 30s 1m 28s Centaurs 2 Little Blessing Orb (5), Young Blessing Orb (11)
7 Ruins 1 25m 0s 15m 0s 10m 0s Peacats 3 Fruit Bush Sprout (7), Skull (9), Little Blessing Orb (5)
8 Ruins 5 7m 30s 4m.22s 2m 30s Dragons 2 Little Blessing Orb (5), Young Blessing Orb (11)
9 Colorless Seas 2 5m 38s 3m 51s 3m 30s Fairies 2 Little Blessing Orb (5), Young Blessing Orb (11), Large Remains (8)
10 Bright Fields 1 7m 30s 5m 0s 2m 30s Fairies 3 Little Blessing Orb (5), Young Blessing Orb (11), Witch Grave (30)
11 Bright Fields 6 8m 26s 4m 22s 3m 26s Unicorns 3 Shallow Pool (12), Great Enchanted Stump (45)
12 Rocklands 3 4m 22s 2m 36s 1m 59s Peacats 2 Minor Blessing (3), Floating Rock (25), Small Remains (7)
13 Dark Swamps 1 6m 52s 4m 4s 2m 11s Dragons 2 Young Blessing Orb (11), Twinkling Plant (15), Young Fruit Bush (60)
14 Ancient Forest 3 2m 24s 1m 34s 1m 0s Dragons 2 Ancient Sapling (14), Little Blessing Orb (5), Small Ancient Tree (21)
15 Evil Reef 18m 45s 8m 45s 4m 41s Rabbirds 3 Tiny Pond (7), Mineral Boulder (28), Arcane Lifestone (30)
16 Mystic Shrine 20m 0s 15m 0s 8m 45s Treants 3 Minor Blessing (3), Young Blessing Orb (11), Faint Spirit Rock (25), Fruit Bush Shrub (18)
17 Shrines 8 50m 0s 31m 15s 20m 0s Fairies 3 Small Stone Monument (9), Bundle of Druid Stones (55), Young Blessing Orb (11), Fine Enchanted Stump (18)
18 Realm of Mythia 2 11m 52s 8m 8s 5m 19s Sprites 3 Stone Piece (4), Small Stone Monument (9), Stone Monument (20), Fine Stone Sculpture (45)
19 Realm of Mythia 10 4m 41s 2m 49s 2m 11s Phoenixes 3
20 Ytu Lands 3 5m 19s 4m 4s 3m 14s Dryads 3
21 Ytu Lands 7 12m 30s 4m 22s 1m 52s Dragons 3

Trivia[edit | edit source]

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